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Banner About us - parrolabs
Banner About us - parrolabs

Our 2025 Vision

We are convinced that in a post-Covid world, people will not return full-time to offices. Teams will be largely distributed, but people will still want to work together in order to have a sense of unification.

That is why Parrolabs is adapting the international POD structure with smaller offices where people can work together from various countries. If you want to extend your team throughout Latin America without having to deal with various entities, we are your partner throughout this process.


Near-Shoring The Parrolabs Way

Parrolabs focuses on building effective nearshore teams for its customers. We are unique in the sense that we engage with our clients directly from a strategic perspective and make suggestions on staffing in the long term. Parrolabs has been growing immensely for the last 5 years. Its origins can be best described as a typical basement startup focused on remote web development. It is now a full-service nearshore digital agency offering web development, mobile development, social media management, a contact center, and high-volume creative work.


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Niels has a background in the corporate world, working for most of his career as a technologist for large corporations throughout Europe. Niels first opened an Agency in Holland in 2012 and has since moved to Colombia to build a great creative team that supports a range of projects throughout North America.

Niels Siskens, MBA
CEO & Founder Parrolabs