At Parrolabs we carry a Philosophy, which is that things should be kept simple and if there is a faster way at doing something, we will have to do it in the easiest way possible. As such, why build an app twice, if you can build it once!

Ionic is easiest way to build an App!

Ionic is the easiest way to build your app, but it comes at a price. it is HTML and Javascript and will need to be rendered inside of the app, so naturally losing performance. It is somewhat comparable to running your OS inside of a virtual environment. It can be nearly the same, but it will never be the same. That being said, Ionic recently came out with a new version, which improved the performance and brought a lot of new features. If you want to read more about that, this article is highly recommended.

We use it when the technology required is very basic.

React Native is Truly Native!

You might wonder, why would that matter? and why would I not just build things into normal Android Development? Well, if you wanted to have just one provider (IOS or Android) it is probably okay to do just one, but most projects we are asked to do both.

So, if we are using React Native (and believe me we will convince you), we only need to build one code base. Yes, there are some differences between android and IOS, but those are just small ones that we can fix with a few lines of code. So I would say, using React could easily keep $15.000 - $30.000 USD in your pocket. Wanted to talk about using React on your Web Front-End?

More platforms aren’t unlikely!

You mean…more platforms besides Android & IOS?… micdrop……Yeah, I mean there is cannonical that is making headlines with the newest Ubuntu for Android Phones. As ubuntu became the main platform on the web it is not unlikely that they are going to steal some market from Android in the near future. So tell me…why would this matter as to why I would to my App in React or in another platform? well, as these new platforms are emerging, it would be highly likely that very quickly there is a new plugin, so with a few hours we’d be able to make you a native app for that new platform…wanted to talk ?