Let’s kill the elephant in the room first, we are well aware that technology outsourcing does not necessarily have a very good reputation. Proper outsourcing has many potential benefits, including scaling up, specializing and monetary. These benefits quickly evaporate once you are hitting some common pitfalls and frustration is imminent.

When thinking about staffing, the first question that comes to mind that you have to raise yourself, is the following. Should I keep internal staff? Work with Contractors? Work with Offshore Contractors? Or work with a reputable outsourcing firm. For more information on making this choice and the advantages and disadvantages we refer to this article.

So once you have decided to outsource your web development or mobile development to a technology outsourcing company, such as Parrolabs, there are various options. You could decide to outsource a project, one that might be complicated or uninteresting to your business. Another option is to contract expertise that you might need on a temporary basis. At Parrolabs, we offer this through a so-called Staff Augmentation Model, which means that a person will work for you either full-time or part-time for a designated period. Lastly, there is the option, which we at Parrolabs call “the T in Digital”, which is that you have an entire team of outsourced developers work for you, including Designer(s), Front-End Developer(s), Back-End Developer(s) and a Project Manager.

When selecting your web development or mobile development outsourcing company, there are certain aspects that you have to keep in mind.

Cultures Matter

Geert Hofstede is probably the most well-known professor in this area. He made the equivalent of the SWOT quadrant of global cultures and it shows which countries’ cultures go-well with other cultures. Virtually, every business bachelor studies this Quadrant as part of his studies.

It is important in the trade business, as misunderstandings can break deals, but it is even more crucial in the Web Development and Mobile Development Outsourcing industry as working relationships are formed across long distances and are very intensive during projects.

Not every country’s’ culture has the same reputation when it comes down to workmanship and work ethics. The culture of the country of your outsourcing development company matters, but also the culture within that outsourcing development company matters a lot. We are making our team aware that there are certain differences between the Latin Culture and those in North America. This way, we ensure that cultural differences are reduced to a minimum and the developers are adapted as much as possible to the North American way of business. Taking out as many problems as possible and address them as soon as they arise, which ensures that projects move smoothly.

Time Zone Differences kill projects

This might be something of a debatable issue, but does it really work if one of the parties either needs to work very late? When most of the work gets accomplished during the night? When reporting only goes through text?

At Parrolabs we strongly believe based on our extensive experience that timezones between a client and the team that is involved in the project, can be a killer. When people have to plan around time zones, this will lead to unnecessary complexities.

It is better to keep this in mind. Developers are fresh in the morning and tend to be most efficient in these times. It is therefore that it would be highly efficient if you were to be able to steer the developers in the morning, so they do the right thing at those times they are most efficient.

Also, if you or your team members would need to adjust to that timezone, it would be a drag on the team as they would need to do communication late at night, making the days unnecessary

Size of the partner

There are a number of large corporations that are large in the web & mobile sphere. Chances are that when you approach them, they will be able to make you an offer, but I would be highly sceptical, as they literally do thousands of web & mobile websites and while they might be offering a low price, getting a good reputable developer (or team), might be an issue.

It is therefore recommended to have a reasonable sized partner.