At Parrolabs, we are a team of developers, designers, UX and digital marketing specialists that are able to transform your company through a full digital implementation.

We’ve partnerships with some of the world’s leading digital agencies to develop mobile and web platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups as well as some of the largest corporations in the world. We’re excited that our previous partnerships and efforts have led us two recognitions by Clutch! In the Category Top Web Developers in Latin America, we are currently ranked number 12 and within the Category Top Web Developers in Colombia, we are ranked as 3rd. Congratulations Team!

Clutch, a research, ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C., evaluates professional service providers around the world, based on a unique methodology. A number of factors are taken into consideration, both qualitative and quantitative, including a company’s service offerings, industry scope, and client experience. Particularly valuable are the insights from the direct client interviews conducted by Clutch’s analysts. The reviews detail everything from quality of the services provided to cost and project management, giving the prospective buyer a holistic overview of a company’s business practices.

We are hard working, flexible and good at what we do - we strive for perfection in every tasks. This has been reflected in some of the excellent reviews provided by our wonderful clients:

“We had a personal connection with them, so we were sure they would deliver. As they were able to offer the same services at a better rate, the choice was easy… the numbers have improved since then because of Parrolabs’ optimization work. Sales were up by as much as 28% in August… They are excellent!” – Co-founder, Online Retailer.
“We had four developers from Parrolabs and they built our solution using Ruby on Rails, which they helped determine. They also assisted with user stories and with scaling down the vision to an MVP [minimum viable product] that would allow us to add additional features as desired… They were always available.” – VP, Business Development Advising Firm.

We’re most grateful to our awesome clients for taking the time to speak to Clutch about our collaborations. Don’t forget to visit Parrolabs’ Clutch profile to read more verified client reviews!