Now the word Amp might make you feel we are going back to 1993, with some good old Nirvana or Metallica, yet AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is an open source framework embraced by Google.

So since Google is now actively promoting it, it will almost certainly mean that websites written in AMP are ranked higher in Google. So question that arises is what exactly does AMP for your website?

So 15 years ago, the web was an easy place for developers. Websites were opened on either a laptop or desktop and that was about the only variation of screen size that there was.

Then came the first mobile devices capable of opening a website, which changed everything. Suddenly, the internet became a more versatile place. All sorts of devices were suddenly used and User Experience varied across these devices.

To end the suffering, responsive design was introduced, which made sites open much better on mobile devices. However, it did not end the fact that websites took oftentimes long times to load.

Now, AMP sites will load instantaneously, making the user experience on 3G or 4G much better than any other technology. It is easy to combine with pretty much any existing technology.

AMP sites will convert your users as content is loaded instantly. It takes less than a second to lose a client and AMP-ing your site will make it work flawlessly on virtually any Device and load User content instantly.