SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a buzzword that has grown to be a separate service and is growing fast. As Google has a marketshare of over 75% in the search engine industry, we would almost be tempted to call it Google Optimization. Yahoo, bing, Baidu (From China), Duck Duck Go and others share the other 25%. These statistics vary from country to country and by demographics.

SEO is crucial for every company with any online presence and it can be split into two rough categories. The first one, is the content SEO, or On Page SEO. Most likely your SEO company is focussing on this. Like what to put in the headlines and what to place on your site and in your Head section of the website. However, a more crucial part of SEO that is ofttimes forgotten is the technical SEO part.

At Parrolabs, we oftentimes get requests and hear people that spend thousands of dollars to optimize their SEO on their website and yet their page is not being ranked. They get to hear that Google oftentimes takes a little while to optimize a site, which is truth, but days not months. So, one of the most often asked questions that we get is something along the lines of: “My website is not ranking very well in Google, can you have a look and see what we need to do?” and these are some common things we encounter:

Your HTML code might not be shown to Google

Trying to make this as easy as possible. If you go to your website in Google Chrome and push OPTION+COMMAND+ u, you will be shown the HTML that makes up your website, if parts of the text or content of the website are missing in the HTML, but are shown on the actual website you might need to give us a call. It is a clear sign that the HTML is not showing up. This means that pages are not being shown to Search Engines. Now, your SEO Agency has most likely forgotten about this.

The other way around is also an option. If the HTML shows content that users will actually not see. This is called Cloaking and used to be a popular black hat SEO tactic in the past, but is like a big no-no these days.

If your HTML is not being shown to Google, the site will likely not show-up in its index and Google will likely have difficulties indexing a site.

Your Website Speed is Slow!

So here it is, we are in the opinion that your website should be fast even though you might not have thought about it that much. Great Hosting is not that costly (think $250 - $1500 annually for a small website), if you compare it to the cost of your implementation, it should be a small cost to bear.

However, hosting is just one aspect of it. Things that influence speed include compression (yes that is Gzip), resizing images, API call optimization, Caching and many more.

Most often it is a combination of optimizing the hosting as well as the codebase or in case of a CMS like Wordpress we would need to install or change some plugins. Please note that in the case of Wordpress these plugins might be as much as $1000 in fees (and you thought Wordpress was free!).

Your images are not being resized and optimized!

The biggest reason your site might be slow oftentimes is the fact that images have not been resized. This is a major reason Google will put you a little bit lower. Among other issues, about 50% of people will visit your website on a mobile phone. If your website is 3000% as big as it should be…people will spend a lot of money visiting your website by burning their costly MBs. So, Google will protect that audience by having more optimized sites rank more favorable!

Your site is not being Minified

Now, in comparison to optimizing the Images, it is a very small thing, but will still influence your site speed and thus your page ranking. At Parrolabs, we focus on making sure that your site is being minified, so it loads quicker. We minify HTML, CSS and JS for your website.

Your hosting package might be way too small

You thought your small bakery in LA would not need a big hosting? Think again! There are plenty of reasons to have a great hosting package and use CDN. The main reason is a way better user experience but SEO plays a part as well.

So we advice to invest in good Hosting. The biggest Cloud providers are Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, but there are many others. Just make sure you are going for the right size Cloud to suit your needs. We always advice to take things a little bit wide, to be sure it works.

It might be all Technical SEO

Sometimes, we see websites that have the world’s best Content Optimization, however their SEO company forgot about the Technical Aspect of it. It is a frontier between Web Development and SEO. Many SEO agencies lack the necessary expertise to optimize a website’s speed and optimization. At Parrolabs, we conduct many SEO tests for our clients . As such, we notice often that it is the technological part of SEO that is lacking. Content Optimization as we noticed, tend to be the focus area for most of these agencies.