There are many ways to increase traffic to your website and consequently the recognition of your brand or product. One of the most effective methods is digital advertising , since its impact can easily increase sales. That is why at Parrolabs we want to share some tips to guide companies or individuals on how to advertise on the internet successfully.

1. Have a clear objective. We need to set expectations or goals, be it a message, or a way in which consumers can easily reach out to your product or brand. The user always needs an easy to understand, so-called, “call to action”.

2. Choose creative content. On the internet everything seems very monotonous and with the same purpose. We must strive for new and creative content . This point is crucial to get results, since the user is able to see the ads, but you as an advertiser have in your hands whether your ad is captive enough to attract new customers.

3. Choose a good platform. There are different ways to stand out on the internet depending on the platform you use. The top platforms to advertise your brand on the internet are Google and Facebook. A more recent player in this market, but growing steadily is LinkedIn. You must also take into account the type of publication and your target audience, perhaps a moving image works better than a static image on what you are trying to sell.

4. Take into account the environment. We must consider if the timing is right. Perhaps your brand is ready to receive calls or answer emails immediately. What you are currently advertising has a lot to do with your brand's current situation. Analyzing the metrics of your content can help you improve and identify the faults in your advertising.

It seems complex but if we think about the user, what he consumes, when he consumes it and if it will be attractive to him, if these tips are taken into account it may improve your advertising skills and the results will be visible.