Starting your own business? Need to create a logo? A company logo may materialize at different stages for different businesses, the important action is creating a logo that clearly communicates your company message and leaves an impression upon your customer.

Whether you decide to dedicate the time to create your own logo, or you prefer to work with a Nearshore Digital Agency, these are the 3 fundamental steps to complete on your own logo creation journey.

Step one: Define the values that represent your company. Conceptualize. This is the first step that lays the foundation for everything that follows. Based on company values, express the message you want to communicate with your logo.

First impressions are everything, that’s why short, direct, and concise messages are often the most effective. Get rid of anything extra. Keep what's strong, get rid of what's not. If your message or logo isn’t clear and you rush your logo to the next phase, you will only confuse customers.

color palette

Step two: To the drawing board! Now that you have your company values and message to lead you, you can begin to examine different sketches and visuals of your logo. Most designers recommend choosing the form of your logo first and then the color(s). While one isn’t necessarily more important than the other, order can optimize creation.

In this phase, you can begin to get select feedback from trusted sources. The experts in this stage look for a form that is scalable and works on as many different surfaces as possible. The simplicity of a great logo allows your company the flexibility to take advantage of diverse and innovative marketing opportunities. You might want to put your logo on a t-shirt, a tennis ball, a water bottle, a website, a cell phone or an email. For this reason designers often prefer using just one principal color. Afterwards, if they want more color they may choose tones of the same color to highlight or accent.

Step 3: This is the ultimate step. Focus on details. Now you should have chosen between the final versions of your sketches. Similarly to when you sought feedback from a select few friends, now you want to get feedback from everyone you can. This is the moment to make sure your customers understand your message and identify with your logo.

Man holding a pen

This is where the experts really shine. This is your final draft, your final product, the decisive detailed revision before you present your masterpiece to the world. What separates the best from the rest? Some people reach this step and are already married to their idea, even when the user feedback shows that the customers don’t clearly understand the message. Many times you have to go back to the drawing board. The best logos can stand the test of time, but only when you invest the proper amount of time.

In a nutshell, creating a logo, no matter who creates it, is done using these three steps. If you have the time, talent, and training to do so yourself you can get to work right away. If your business is in a position to grow, use a Nearshore Digital Agency and save time, money, and headaches.