The state of the internet in 2020 can best be described as a huge wasteland with a few oasis that are green. Where it started relatively small, it has grown to be a clutter of data that no human will ever be able to see the full size of.
For example , to play all songs that are on the internet would take 2.2 billion years according to Starry. Let’s not start with how long it would take to read every website. So, the trick is no longer just about building a website, it is about building a website that performs.
As such, probably the top 2M websites globally will get 99% of the traffic out there. If you are below that, you will for sure be in the dessert wasteland of the internet.
So you might wonder how do you know where is my website ranked? For that we are using the popular Alexa Ranking. For the last 2 years, our website has been steadily above the 2 Million Ranking. In general our clients are well within that range.
It is well-known that the most popular framework on the web today is Wordpress. It is being used by large corporations as well, but almost exclusively as a CMS as that is what it is meant for. It is widely present in the bottom half of internet websites, so we decided to check the top 100.000 for the most popular Web Development Platforms. Sort of, setting yourself up for success.

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Legacy Legacy Legacy

Some of these platforms are really old. Getting your site out there and promoting it takes considerable time and effort. Many of the top-100 sites use legacy systems in the back. Think Airlines for example, they are using 30-40-50 year old software packages that yes have seen new hardware over the years and have been upgraded in terms of front-end. However, the core of the Technology has its origins when the internet was no more than an oil Drum.

Reinventing Web Platforms

The web is constantly changing. Where the trend was to go from static websites to primarily Dynamic Sites (think Drupal, WordPress), it is reversing to go Static Again, but using Microservices to make your site dynamic.
Overall, Static Websites are a lot faster and this will return in significantly better SEO. Like we wrote in our article about Serverless. This trend we see in the top 100.000.


Top websites known that maintaining a website is just as important as actually building a website. You are never done, when a website seems done another issue pops up, a feature needs to be build, it needs to get promoted. So the top 100.000 websites set money apart for all of that. You can be in the top too, but you need to be wise and start humble. Again, think 10 years, not 1 year(!).

Single Page Apps

The last couple of years, we see a trend that Speed in SEO is an increasingly important factor. Given the mobile compatibility it is more and more important to have a speedy website. So we see a trend that while internet speeds are going up, the size of websites decreases.
This is especially true for the top 10000, where we see a lot of React, Angular and VueJS Websites.

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We feel that in conclusion when you start with a new website, keep it simple. If it is just you, do not attach a CMS. Build a very simple site using Gatsby or something similar. Structure it right, but do not go overboard. Sitespeed is your friend, and patience is another really important factor.