Do They Have Real Reviews?

This One Might Be Obvious, But Reviews Online Are Easy To Make. This Way You Can Create An Entire Bubble Around Your Company Of Positivity. You Can Even Place Them Online And I Have Recently Discovered Some Scammers Are Even Going As Far As Using Deepfake Videos To Show "Reviews". In The Near Future, It Will Be Much Harder To Check. As Such, Before Selecting A Dev Partner, Check If They Have Any Reviews On A Site Like Clutch.Co And Check Their Reviews.


Are The Developers Real People?

This One Might Be A Little Harder To See. You Have Been Given A Great Developer To Work With. Let's Call Him Sam Trudeau (Which Is A Fictious Name). You Are Chatting A Lot And He Is Having A Great CV And Went To The University Of British Columbia That You Can See On His LinkedIn Profile. You Are Truly Blessed That A Trudeau Will Actually Be Part Of Your Software Team. A Little Digging Further And You Start To Realize That He Only Has 25 Contacts On LinkedIn. You Just Think, He Must Not Have Been The Biggest Networker Out There.

The Reality Is That Most Likely This Person Is Pretending To Be Someone Else. Identity Theft Happens On A Daily Basis And People Are Eager To Get Through Them.

Github, You Mighty Github

This One Is Much Harder To Fake. Yet, It Is Not An All Size Fits One. Before You Start Drawing The Wrong Conclusion, Not Every Great Developer Uses Github. When They Do, They Usually Have A Significant History On There. For Comparison, This Is Mine. If A Developer Has A Limited History It Can(!) Be An Indication That They Have Made A Profile Just For Their "Vancouver Adventure". So Always Check The History On The Github Profiles, There Have To Be People That Coded On A Day-To-Day Basis For Years.

two men talking

To Conclude This One. Be Careful Of Who You Are Dealing With. Check Online Profiles And If None Of The People Seem To Have Any Hobbies Or Online Trace (Like Sports, Church, Hobbies, Etc) Than Is Normally Expected You Are Likely Dealing With A Scam. If You Can, We Always Recommend Visiting Your Tech Partner Especially If You Are Planning On Doing A Larger >$50K+ Project. Due Diligence Is Needed At All Times!

I Have Seen People Being Scammed This Way Thinking They Have A $100.000 USD A Month Vancouver Developer Team, While In Reality The IT Team Including The Owner Is Located In Central Asia Where Salaries Are Significantly Lower And Quality IT Staffing At Par With The Americas Is Hard To Come By. Total Damage Can Be $25K - $3M. Yes, I Have Seen Multiple Millions. Most Of The Time, There Is A Skeleton Built, But The Real Product Is Not There. Hence, You Need Someone On Your End That Can Check The Progress Of Work Completed.