Getting our Strategy Sorted late last year, we have made the switch from purely focussing on Web & Mobile Development to becoming a Nearshore Partner for everything that can be done remotely, but where communication is required. One of the focal points is becoming an Outsourced B2B Sales Provider.

We want to focus on getting proper Sales Teams for our Customers and Partners for whom Outsourcing Sales seems a little bit difficult at first. We do anything from Lead Generation, yes I know we have a lot of competition in that field, to setting up Sales Processes as well as getting the Sales Function and Sales Process to the next level.

As such, we had to hire a rockstar for getting the Sales Function Setup properly in addition to getting Sales Professionals to join us. We started with improving the sales function for ourselves as there were several aspects that could be streamlined.

The first aspect was getting lead generation sorted. When our new Business Development Manager joined us it could be said that the first thing that could be significantly improved is the fact that we were generating leads manually. While this was a strategy that worked for sometime, the process was slow and besides our best efforts leads weren't always the right person.

Laura introduced us to an AI lead generation tool that we've come to love. For our customers, she has been able to generate nearly $2M USD in sales in less than 1 year. That is an impressive performance as that literally means tracking thousands of leads, which using modern sales tools she was happy to manage. In addition to managing several Sales Reps who contact our client's client's via phone, chat, email and whatsapp. The teams performance is impressive given how young the Sales Operation is. Proper Lead Generation is more important than ever given the dent that Covid-19 is having on most companies. Reaching the right people will affect your Bottom Line for the better and will ensure that your Sales Operation does get the boost it needs.

All in all, congratulations to Laura and the rest of the Sales Teams. We are looking forward to getting to see you go to the 8-figure Diamond Level Presidents Club!