The internet has brought us some of the biggest technological advances in the last decades. It has brought us closer together, made access to information universal and lastly brought our sponsorships together.

However, it also comes at a cost. As much as 10% of the world's Electricity Consumption can be attributed to the internet. Only a fraction of people who use the internet realize that their messages are going through servers and get processed by hundreds if not thousands of KM of Wiring.

The issue is that all of these systems need to be powered and need to be powered on almost all the time. The trend luckily is that there are a few larger vendors that are taking a bigger market share. The good thing about that is that these vendors are able to balance the need for their servers and switch them off during the times where usage is minimal.

That being said, it is something we will keep in mind. Given that having a physical location further away is no longer a real problem, it is time for us to think about the locations of our internet. There is a real opportunity here as some locations, like Iceland, Morocco, Colombia and China have the means and capacity to generate enough green electricity through Earth Warmth, Hydro and Sun to power most of our Data Servers Needs.


Having these locations would mean a reduction in costs, but also it would mean a reduction in the CO2 needs of our daily internet usage. There is a tremendous opportunity to diversify our internet further.