Why choose React for your next Web Development Project?

A starting Developer's Perspective

Let's face it, there are many Javascript Frameworks nowadays. From Single Page Automators like Gatsby JS or NextJs, to more advanced frameworks like Angular or React. The question remains, what benefits will these frameworks have for the many different types of projects out there?

front end framework

So first of all we must ask, why do we need a Front End Framework in the first place?

Like with WordPress and quick site builders like WIX, having the majority of the internet in our hands, why should we consider working with a Front End Framework? I mean, if we can make a WordPress website for a few thousand bucks, why should we consider spending up to 50-times that price?

From my perspective the difference is not that significant, however we can compare this with a sport. For example, there are plenty of people who play tennis, and the vast majority of them know how to hit a ball very well. Now let’s say you are facing Serena Williams, you will then have to come differently prepared. The same can be said about Web Development. In 2018 when Google put a bigger emphasis on website speed, getting a better site has gotten more important. Headless, is the way to go in this case.

Easy to Learn

So while it would be hard to compare React to other frameworks from my perspective, as I have only studied React JS and Gatsby JS, this does not mean that React is easy to learn.

This means that a lot of people can study React and the community will be supportive of new people. If you can pick up the basics in a few weeks, it is easy to see people will keep working with it and that the community will keep growing.

React JS has an opinionated structure, meaning that guidelines for best practices will need to get followed. This means it is easy to see who is a great developer and which ones still have a few things to learn.

Backed by a huge community

React JS is backed by a Global Community of enthusiastic developers. There are huge corporations contributing to the open-source code. The Framework has come a long way since its release in 2013 by Facebook. Contributions and improvements to the framework are almost constant given the size of the community.

Facebook and others keep focusing on contributing to the framework and with more and more devices coming, I would expect that the framework will continue being improved.

Components Based Structure

Now let's get a bit more technical. What makes React great and also super fast to implement is its usage of components. If you look at the Parrolabs website, you will see that many elements are similar albeit with a different color. You might have noticed that the site is loading almost instantly, this is because the site is pretty much already loaded when you click a link.

Using components in your website will speed things up tremendously and will ensure that things are moving quickly. So this is an absolute benefit of using ReactJS.