Front-End Development has changed significantly in the last decade. With new Frameworks popping up to facilitate Mobile Responsiveness, as well as more modern headless frameworks.


Here are the most popular front-end frameworks and the ones that our team at Parrolabs feels will have the best future.

1. React & React Native​

It is hard to bet against a Framework that is being backed by Facebook. This opensource framework is the absolute standard in Web Development these days and we expect its popularity to not wane for many years to come. As its sister framework - React Native - can be used for Native App Development, it will be a good choice for startups and companies on a tight budget for the foreseeable future.

2. Gatsby JS

It might be a surprise that this one will make it to the list. It is a framework that will make your websites blazingly fast. We recently turned one of our clients websites - called playershealth into an instant UX dream by leveraging the new Gatsby4.0 framework. While this is a static site generator, it deserves a place in this list as it keeps things simple and can be integrated with React and other frameworks. If you want your site to be extremely fast and perform well in SEO, than I would say Gatsby is the way forward.

3. Next JS​

This one for sure deserves a place in this list. You might wonder what is the benefit over pure React or why use Next if we can use Gatsby. Well, where Gatsby leaves us with purely rendered HTML & CSS, NextJS will allow us to render HTML & CSS at runtime. Some more detailed benefits and differences can be found in this great article.

​I would say Next is potentially the future. Some of our clients that currently work with NextJS include Bespoke Blossoms and Misfit.

4. Vue JS & Vue Native​I

Would argue that VueJS is as good as React. However, it lacks the backing (and the marketing) of a Facebook. This framework is really backed by a large community of smaller companies, developers and other tech people. I would argue that it is the wordpress of Front-End Development Frameworks. It has great potential for the future​.

5. Ember JS

​Ember is a framework that belongs in this list. While having a much smaller community than React or VueJS, it deserves to have a spot in this list. In our opinion, we prefer using React or Gatsby, but that is more preference. Ember has a great community as well and therefore belongs in this list.​

What happened to Angular? Well, while it is a great option still. I would argue that other frameworks have taken the lead. As such we will give it an honorable mention, but we would recommend going with one of the other frameworks.