Nearshoring keeps gaining more traction. As Colombian outsourcing keeps gaining more traction as per Nearshore Americas review, so do others. In recent years both Clutch and DesignRush have made a special ranking for nearshore software development companies.

In this blog post, we are looking into the details of the increase in popularity.

5 reasons why
  • Covid-19 Lockdowns Opened Eyes

Covid did seem to make the world a bigger place. One day to the next, many of us were in complete Covid Lockdown and we had to stay in our houses. For most the only contact we could have with colleagues, family and friends are through apps like Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Teams.

It did also make the world a smaller place. Instead of moving from one Meeting space to the next (and maybe even communiting), we were suddenly brought to the confinements of our screens. This also meant that suddenly the world got smaller, bringing with it opportunities. Soon people started flocking to Latin American Companies.

  • The internet keeps getting better

Ever gotten to a vacation destination and the internet was extremely slow? Well, in recent years even small towns have gotten Fibre Optic internet. Also, international sea cables are making the world a smaller place. So working remotely is not as cumbersome as it used to be. Sending documents and transferring large quantities of them is not as difficult as it used to be.

5 reason why 2
  • Flights have gotten More Plentiful and Cheaper

Flights to and from Latin America, as well as Eastern Europe, have gotten a lot cheaper over the last few years, and also there are more options. New Airlines have been opening new routes and prices have dropped.

5 reasons why 3
  • Deregulation and more transparency

At a government level, the focus is more on international Business than there was before. Meaning that many regulations now favor international Business. Whilst, certain tax regulations are still very murky and favor those with huge budgets, but it is nothing like it was 10 or 20 years ago.