AR and VR are reality technologies that are designed to bring a simulated environment to the user. Each concept is unique and involves different cases. It is also used for entertainment scenarios, augmented reality, and it is being used by businesses because of the informational overlays that add useful real-world scenarios.

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As a company, Parrolabs, that is focused on developing applications and web pages, we are always in search of being hand in hand with the newest technology. That is why, through our regularly trained team, we can access these types of virtual reality. But let's learn a little more together about what VR and AR really are made up of.

Augmented reallity

Augmented reality (AR) is a virtual environment that is designed to coexist with the real environment, with the goal of being informative and providing additional data about the real world, which a user can access without having to do a search. In most applications, the user relies on a smartphone or tablet screen to accomplish this, aiming the phone's camera at a point of interest and generating a live-streaming video with helpful information, which includes implementations such as repair instructions, navigation information, and entertainment applications like the mobile game Pokemon Go, in which players attempt to capture virtual creatures while moving around in the real world.

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They use it to see how hypothetical products look in the real world, or for training employees, educating all students so that they have experience with important issues, or for healthcare. It has made it possible to have a virtual surgery room, and marketing can visualize packaging, point-of-sale materials, and even billboards to give businesses a brand new look.

Virtual reality (VR) encompasses a complete environment simulation that replaces the user's world with an entirely virtual one. It is fabricated and often designed to be larger than life. The point is to eliminate the real world when the user has access to any platform with VR. They almost always wear an eye-covering headset and headphones to completely replace what is really going on in the real world. Once inside, the VR universe can recreate the past or the future. It is usually used in gaming, movies, medicine and healthcare, virtual travel, and professional sports. The idea of virtual reality is to make people feel as if everything they are experiencing is real, like walking through a forest or performing an industrial procedure, but it requires special equipment such as a bulky headset to have the full experience.

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That is why, to live these experiences outside of the natural, it is necessary to be able to count on a team with high knowledge of different languages and the creativity that is required, since a virtual reality developer creates completely new digital environments that people can see through a device like the Oculus headset, while an augmented reality developer creates a layer of digital experience in our reality through the use of mobile applications, such as Pokemon Go, a game that uses this technology. That is why at Parrolabs we always seek to continue innovating to give our customers the best quality in the market.