People will forget

Before cities, inspirational land was planned to serve future generations; versions of themselves in fields, gardens, indentations, doors, and wallpaper. Just as real estate reinvents itself year after year, design for apps and websites does it constantly.

The construction or development of an app or a website can involve the outpouring of color rain and shapes that, without a basic structure focused on success, can be malicious or simply not have any specific meaning.

A well-executed user interface can generate an almost immediate bond with your interaction, thus making a strong impression on users.

02 The Importance of UX/UI Design

UX / User Experience

UX is the acronym that defines user experience, and its definition is summed up in the experience that a user has when entering an app or a website and when he is on it until he leaves it. For this very reason, a good experience strategy defines its focus.

The UX's importance is built by differentiating and executing the preferences and behaviors of the users within the management of the app or website; to offer the service or product in a comfortable, natural, and organic way. Like when you enter a supermarket, and you intuitively know where each one of the groceries is, and at the same time, you are obtaining information that determines your final purchase. It is a unique experience that can interfere with the user's emotions.

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Check the experience

  • Internally, through interviews or direct product testing with the user
  • Externally, carrying out processes that identify the actions of our users through A/B tests, heat maps, or click maps, among others.


The acronyms that define the interface, that is, the design of the app or website, focusing on the resources obtained from the user experience, objectively define its interaction within the interface.

Considering that the UI is purely based on the visual part, colors, shapes, fonts, distribution of elements (headers, images, size) always relate to the UX to verify the results and that everything is on the right track.

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Beyond its function

Just as in real life, the world of apps and websites stands out for the user's interaction with them. After a well-detailed investigation and structured planning, that process can guarantee that all the content in them is born in the proof a good UI/UX design highlighting improvements such as:

  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Understand our viewers
  • Strengthen the brand, product, or service
  • save time and money
  • A continuous flow of information
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Which is more important?

Neither one is more or less important than the other. Both processes complement each other to the point that if one of them lacks a piece, the other is compromised, in the sense that if a web page or an app is "beautiful" but not fluid, it does not strengthen the user experience. Likewise, a well-structured app, with the elements that the user requires, does not ensure that the interface guarantees the link between the user and the product or service in the absence of visual harmony.