In today’s society, there are various forms of communication methods, among them is organizational communication.This method is focused on the organization's internal growth through human resources, its development in the company, and productivity in work departments.

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The primary function of organizational communication is to achieve institutional objectives through different strategies. This method helps organizational development and collaborators prepare to achieve their best performance in the markets.

The main benefits of organizational communication is to help us strengthen needs, so we must bear in mind that there is an internal corporate communication whose main objective is to unite a community, considering the goals and beliefs for the progress of an organization. In addition, there is an external organizational communication where it is required to know trends and the company's objective clients to show the great benefits of acquiring the products and services of the company.

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Some of the benefits of organizational communication are:

  • Contributing to the routes of action that allow formulating objectives and making decisions.
  • Streamline information flows by promoting interaction, favoring business management, establishing strategies, and effective communication channels.
  • Fulfillment of purposes through the objectives and the different interest groups.
  • Identity of the company, helping the formation which helps to promote customer loyalty to contribute to the corporate image.
  • Positioning of the brand, to improve the corporate image taking into account the different references that the company focuses on.
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In conclusion, organizational communication helps the progress and advancement of the company externally and internally to achieve the objectives established at any time. In addition, it helps establish processes and tasks that can be carried out linearly and helps the advancement of each one of the organization's departments.