Technology has facilitated our lives and has improved the standard of living of human beings in many ways; however, the rise of technology also has negative consequences on the environment and on human health.

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What is technology?
Technology refers to all the methods, systems and devices used for the use of any research in the world of science.

What is society?
A society encompasses any organized group of people living together in a community, which often includes some form of government/governance, ≥along with laws, roles, and an economy.

As humanity evolves, technology accompanies its growth. Every day we see how technology becomes a part of our daily lives, from the simplest things such as making breakfast in the mornings to the construction of ships and other forms of technology that improve our daily quality of life.

Technology has made it easier to farm, build cities, and travel, among other things. It has also effectively connected all countries, assisted in the creation of globalization, has made it easier for economies to flourish and has allowed businesses to effectively function. Using technology solutions, virtually every aspect of human life has been made easier, more effective, and faster, resulting in fewer issues in one direction however different problems in another.

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Learning has been significantly impacted through the use of technology in society. Learning has become more interactive and collaborative, allowing people to better engage with the topics they are learning and having difficulty with. It has also significantly improved access to resources.

With the invention of the internet, we now have access to information at all hours of the day and can find just about anything online. However technology comes with a lot of problems as well, like the depletion of resources, pollution increase, and population increase/health concerns.

Therefore, it is important to understand that even though technology has made our lives easier in many ways, we must consider the amount of technology we use and consume. As mentioned before, there are many consequences that may affect our health and life spans, so we must take care of ourselves in order to live longer on this earth.