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There are always tons of innovative products coming out on the market, and most of them are worth the hype.

Many technology products help improve our quality of life, including our health. For example, after the pandemic, many new technology gadgets have come out on the market in the fitness industry, such as the VAHA S Fitness Mirror.

When people were no longer able to go to the gym, technology found a way to make the gym come to us. The VAHA S Fitness Mirror is a full-size mirror that allows you to have access to 850 workout classes all from the comfort of your home, while also providing you with personal trainers in real-time.

The mirror is a 32-inch Full HD touchscreen mirror with speakers, that gives you an HD workout experience all while being able to workout from home.

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Another great technological invention in the fitness industry that has come out on the market is the Therabody Wave Roller, which takes a regular foam roller and adds vibration therapy and wave-style texture to help work out all of your aches and pains. This is a great gadget for those in the fitness industry/ lifestyle, who know how painful and uncomfortable one may feel when sore.

This tool helps soothe and ease pain and discomfort, which is extremely beneficial and necessary after working out the body’s muscles.

Additionally, another technology product out on the market is an electric bike that can be folded. The new GoCyle G4 electric bike differs from other electric bikes as it allows you to fold the bike, which is super convenient as it can be easily taken with you to many places.

For those who are constantly on the go and depend on public transportation, this bike can be a great investment. In addition, similarly to how there are many electric bikes on the market, there are many drones on the market.

However, a new drone has come out with never before seen features. The Skydio 2+ is a new drone that has different camera speeds, and allows you to choose different camera movements as well as different speeds. Through technology known as “Keyframe,” you can plan out routes that the Skydio 2+ will follow. 

The Meeting Owl Pro, although may be considered a more simpler gadget, is one of the most efficient considering the times we are living in. The Meeting Owl Pro works for those who work remotely, which after the pandemic increased significantly. It replicates an in person meeting, while being separated from colleagues as it comes with a 360 degree camera, 8 microphones and a speaker.

It also has an automatic zoom that responds to who is speaking at the time with an 18 foot audio radius integrating Zoom, Slack, and more. This is perhaps one of the most useful technological tools in my opinion, and very creative.

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Technological advancements are always improving and seeking new ways to improve, to make life easier. Remote work has become essential, and has transformed our lives in many ways, and through the use of technology such as The Meeting Owl Pro, it continues to keep us integrated and connected with one another, even if from a distance. 

New technological advances are constantly coming out, and it is good to be informed of the latest gadgets that could potentially be useful to us.

Similar to the very well known GoPro, the DJI Action 2 is gaining much popularity in the action camera market. The DJI Action 2 is water, dust, and dirt proof, and can easily be attached to a tripod, waterproof cases, a screen, and other features. It also offers 4k, 120fps footage and image stabilisation. These newest technology products out on the market are great products that offer many different services, depending on the product, all which can help facilitate your life and improve your lifestyle.