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In technical terms, PHP is a programming language made from C language and it is nearly 30 years old. PHP doesn’t need a hard compilation process and deployment on an I.T. infrastructure to be an executable program. PHP is already precompiled on demand and sent to the user's browser (or command line), and it’s one of the most used and always evolving programming languages out in business right now.

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The boss path: As a project manager or business owner, the easing of implementation and low cost is always expected, and because of its C heritage, PHP can be easily learned by most developers in the market today. C is the core of teaching in most universities in Latinamerica for the last 2 decades. Jumping from desktop C to web PHP is not a big deal for talented programmers, as there is plenty of documentation on the internet for every single function, product or library. Therefore, your team should not have trouble getting the hang of things, for example, a particular situation would be a bug. Keep in mind, an application made by a team could be in most cases easily taken by a different one.

The artisan path: One of the things I enjoy most about being a PHP developer, is that you can model business logic effortlessly by only following design patterns such as MVC, even if doing  so from scratch. Now, if you are using a framework such as Laravel, you can move forward fast and with precision to fulfill the needs of your clients. This is probably the greatest advantage PHP has, it is just you as a developer and your programming logic and creativity. So the daily deals in PHP projects are how to solve business problems through a flexible programming language.

The potions store: As PHP now has a legacy of 30 years, there are several frameworks and premade applications, such as content management systems like Drupal, ticket systems like GLPI, online stores like Magento, and the list goes on. You can easily get new libraries from third parties or from PHP distributions itself for very specific problems such as email and soap messages, and of course database connection and APIs to connect your business to the right customer.

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Because of its less steep learning curve, easing of configuration, multiple sources of information, and a very active community, PHP keeps being a key tool for all small, medium and large businesses around the world, so it will definitely fit on your website to help you succeed.