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Nearshoring has gained much popularity over the last years and has many benefits. Usually, the countries where businesses are transferred to are nearby, and the time zone difference is not too significant. Nearshoring helps businesses save money, as expenses for services may be much cheaper in other countries. Nearshoring is also considered effective as it allows you to work with partners, who may already have expertise and knowledge in your area of interest and can help guide you. Before collaborating with a certain company, you should first do your research. Make sure to schedule calls and have meetings and interviews via zoom or google meet with your Nearshoring company of interest. Get well informed before collaborating with any company, to make sure they fit your needs and requirements. Nearshoring companies can work on tasks that you may need help and guidance with. They are already prepared, and therefore can be a great investment in order to get your company to the next level. 

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Nearshoring is a great way to save costs for your company, as wages and expenses in other countries may be much cheaper and have lower hourly wages, which results in a reduction of costs for your company. Nearshoring has similarities to offshoring and onshoring, however, there are significant differences that distinguish nearshoring from the rest.  Nearshoring, onshoring, and offshoring all fall under the outsourcing category. However, the difference between nearshoring and offshoring is nearshoring is when a company is outsourced to a nearby country, while offshoring is outsourcing to further countries with cheaper economies such as Asia, Latin America, and even some African countries. Onshoring however is outsourcing much closer to you, such as in another city in the same country as you. Now you may wonder why someone would want to outsource in the same country and not in another country. Well, when onshoring, you are not risking things such as cultural differences and major time zone differences. You are also contributing to your country’s economy as well. All in all, Nearshoring is outsourcing in a country close by, Offshoring is outsourcing in a distant country perhaps overseas, and Onshoring is outsourcing in the same country. 

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Nearshoring also allows companies to have better control over their client base as they are closer distance-wise. The disadvantage to Nearshoring, as opposed to Offshoring, is that it may be more expensive. All of these different outsourcing strategies have their pros and cons. This is why when looking at outsourcing, you must first understand and decide what outsourcing method is best for you and your company, and how you can get the most bang for your buck. If you are willing to negotiate difficult time zones and language barriers for lower costs, then Offshoring may be the best fit for you. However, if you are more interested in keeping your clients close and are willing to pay more, Nearshoring can be a better option. These are all things you should consider before deciding what is best for your company. All these different outsourcing methods are all partnerships, and they all share that in common. Therefore, make sure to be well informed about what kind of partnership is the best fit for you and suits your company the most.