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Spoken WBS App as a tool to practice pronouncing your English!

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Spoken App is a digital product that is part of the tools used by World Bible School as a means of disseminating the organization. It is made up of a free mobile application available for Android and iOS, which allows people to practice and improve their English speaking skills. It has the personalized tutoring of a native English speaking coach and works through the recording voice of the reading of the Bible verses. In addition to an informative website where people seeking to be students will be able to learn more about the App and people who want to be Coaches will be able to submit their admission form.


Spoken WBS was an application that had been on the market for a while, however, it had too many issues in terms of design, functionality, code, and server stability. Furthermore, the application was developed only for iOS devices where most of the target users use Android, so user projections were not reached.

One of the biggest challenges for redesigning, restructuring and developing the code from scratch was to integrate all the client’s requirements into an application that was really highly efficient and had an optimal user experience on very low-end devices and to achieve the Constant stability of the servers so that anyone in the world could use the app without problems.

How Parrolabs Helped?

Parrolabs took over this project in late 2018. SpokenApp had been developed years prior, but due to neglect, the app was no longer working and Parrolabs was asked to provide the app with a new UX and UI Look and Feel.

The actual start of the project was in September 2019 and Parrolabs launched the app in August 2018. It took several months to analyze the UX in detail as exchanging audio's is no easy task.

The client had an additional wish for an AI component that would assist students with review of their Audio files and provide them with some background info. The team was able to include that in the V1 version.

The redesign of the application was approved by the client and by the iOS and Android app stores, achieving the launch of the first version with the new design. It is generating a much more friendly, enjoyable and useful experience and user interface. A new look and new functionality brought an easier flow for users, as well as a significant reduction in the need for volunteer work by the WBS team. In addition to including a section within the application to receive feedback from the users and to continue improving over time.

For the admin of the app, the difficulty was significantly reduced, so the Spoken team can easily update it without the need for technical knowledge. In the same way, the service of the servers by the client was improved, which allowed optimization of the application reducing the weight and increasing the speed.

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